1000 corners Revisited

Posted: January 10, 2012 in 1000 Corners

The idea to revisit the fabled 1000 corners has been put on the back burner for quite some time. Over the years I have been occupied by exploration of new ride destinations plus the usual everyday life commitments. The time will never be totally ‘right’ to go for these kind of rides but if you must go … just go. A bit of sacrifice is needed.

This ride must happen. And with very little resources, me & my good buddy Mig set about our 1000 corners adventure on the 19th December 2011. It is now or never. Let’s Ride!

Entering Phuket at the Sarasin Bridge for the umphteen times!

I started the ride from home to Dannok and linked up with Mig who rode a day earlier. we iron-butt to Phuket which is approximately 512 kms from Dannok, stopping at Pang Nga junction for a late lunch. We reached Phuket and eventually Patong Beach at the peak of rush hour at 5 pm local time and checked-in into the Taweewong Guest House. It was peak season in Phuket and as we reached there rather late we went for this Guest House. It was basic but clean (RM120 per night) though we upgraded to the more luxurious Amata Resort Hotel (RM200 per night) just next door on the next day we were in Phuket.

The Taweewong Guest House, Patong Beach Phuket.

While waiting for the Indonesian Team to arrive we visit our friends in Phuket. Being too familiar with the area we got nowhere special to go but prepare our bikes for our ride the next day.

Discussing the ride route with the team

I used road maps to find my way as I do not like the idea of relying on a GPS unit. I’d like to keep my natural navigational instinct intact.

Pak Yunus and Bobby representing Vendetta Moto Jakarta

Joining us from Jakarta were Pak Yunus & Bobby who flew in on the 20th for this ride. We rented bikes from our friends in Phuket for them to use – the Yamaha Fazer 1000 and Honda Hornet CB1000

Breakfast at a small stall just after the Phuket Airport junction before riding the Phuket-Kanchanburi first leg

Loading up on carbo for energy. Yellow rice with chicken for breakfast

21 December 2011

We set on our first leg of the adventure riding off from Phuket to Kanchanburi via Ranong-Chumpon-Prachuap Kiri Khan-Petchaburi-Ratchaburi-Kanchanaburi. A 1000kms butt hurting, mind numbing ride. It was the team first long haul ride but me and Mig had iron-butted from Kl-Phuket a couple of days prior, we had conditioned ourselves. Road condition was pretty interesting especially at the Takuapa-Khao Lak stretch – short corners on smooth tarmac.

By 11am we had reached Prachuap Kiri Khan and stopped for lunch at my favourite road side restaurant. Beef soup and stir fry vege...yummy.

Pak Ketua at the Hua Hin-Petchaburi by-pass

Reached the River Kwai Hotel, Kanchanaburi at 6.30 pm local time

Dinner at the Riverside Restaurant, Kanchanaburi. The aftermath...

My trusty KLR the Black Camel in front of The River Kwai Hotel, Kanchanaburi before setting off to Mae Sot

It's a chilly morning even the cats were wearing sweaters!

A visit to the famous Bridge on the River Kwai is a must when you are in Kanchanaburi

Me & my Black Camel at the River Kwai again...

Because we reached Kanchanaburi in the evening the day before I decided to take the team for a visit to The Bridge over the River Kwai, just to mark that we have passed this historic town. It will be another 800 km ride to our next destination – the frontier town of Mae Sot. It will take us through Chainat, Suphanburi, Nakhon Sawan,Tak, Maesot – a route so challengingly boring because they have somewhat straighten the road since I last passed this way in 2008. It seems like endless motorways.

An interestingly named Cafe in Chainat, we stopped here for a refreshment because the day was amazingly hot.

The very boring motorways

The turn-off from Tak to Mae Sot Hwy 33 enroute to the Thai-Myanmar border

At the Magic mountain Tak-Mae Sot

After waht seems an eternity of boring Highways we make a right turn into the Tak-Mae Sot mountainous rae. The road is paved superbly zig-zagging and rolling like a roller-coaster through some of the best natural scenery. We let fly and enjoy the twisties as much as we could, after some 5 hours worth of boring highways this was a welcome change.

Just outside Mae Sot, a road sign reminded us of our next day's ride. Mae Hong Son the fabled 1000 corners!

At the border of Thai-Burma. Behind us is the town of Mwaddy, Burma

Mig checking out the Myanmar border contraband traders selling cigarettes and booze. Just a over from the barbed wire fence and across the river is Mwaddy, Myanmar/Burma.

Some of the merchandise at the border. Those 'pink tubes'(top right) is not an explosive ordinance...

High noon at the border town. Immigration/customs at Mae Sot, Thailand.

BBQ chicken from Myanmar sold in Thailand Bht 20 for half a chicken. International Friendship Bridge Immigration Complex, Mae Sot

After checking into our hotel. it's time to have some real food. Good curry can be found in front of the Mae Sot mosque

We stayed at the Centara Mae Sot Hill Resort at he junction of Mae Sot Mae Ramat, Mae Sareang route 105.

We start off as early as 6am from Mae Sot to Mae Sareang, a 250km ride through rolling country road taking us through small villages, deserted roads and small towns as well as a refugee camp through Tha Song Yang and Sop Moei.

Let's Go...!!!!

Stopped at refugee camp Mae Sot-Mae Sareang. The last time I passed this way was in 2008. It stays largely unchanged.

Candies for the refugee kids.

Our Bikes at the refugee camp

Before the official 1000 corners there were a million more to carve through. No other cars for 2 hours, the road is all mine!

Road condition varies from moderate to superb.

We stopped at Mae Sareang for lunch

Blasting in the country side


Arrrggghh....more corners!

Behind me is the valley of corners we just carved through.

My pant was shredded to pieces by riding too fast...actually I caught an errant twig by riding too close to apex of an unknowned corner. I bought the camo pant in Koh Samui in 2006 and now it has been left buried in the hills of Mae Hong Son.

Mig taking a ciggie break. His rubbers sides were grinded to atoms from all that million corners.

Bobby making sure they got his name right on the 1000 corners certificate. BOBBY RAINES JAKARTA INDONESIA

My room of 3 beds at Ngamta Hotel, Mae Hong Son. Slept 3 hours on every bed!

Time for some mountain iced coffee after a great ride with great buddies. Mae Hong Son main street.

The evening mountain air dipped to 6C, even the dogs needed warmer clothes.

There's a night market at the street in between Ngamta Hotel and the Post Office.

A kiddie band belting out some Christmas tunes. It was Christmas eve after all.

Night Market selling local handicrafts and souvenirs

Something for me Maam back home. Next time easy to apply exit permit maaa...

I like the colours of this display. These sandals retails at Bht 200

A row of interesting curios shop at lined the night market street

At last... an honest piece of advertising

Probably the earliest hotel breakfast in Northern Thailand at 5.30 am Thai time. We wanted to leave early to Chiang Mai via Pai and Mae Teng.

Me and Mig ready to trash the 987 corners to Pai.

Photo session of our team near the Mae Hong Song lake.It was 5C that morning.

After the gates of Mae Hong Son we turn left to Pai.

Corners. Let's have it lads!

The old man still have it! Pak Yunus knee-down at the corners.

Mid hustle his Honda AT round the bend into another bend

Me and my trusty Black Camel. Just another one of many bends to carve.

Up and down we go...round the bend and round bend. This is KLR country!

Taking a break after all that corners. Mae Hong Son-Pai first View point. 1077ft above sea level.

Warming up my hands.

Pak Yunus and Bobby shopping for souvenirs in the mountains

Mig stopping the traffic

Riding above he clouds

Me and a fan

'9 lives' Pak Yunus escapes another mishap. He visited the drain after misjudging a double apex corner 17 km from Pai. The bike was slightly bent but as usual Pak Yunus escaped unscathe once again save for his BB phone and a smashed digital camera.

Myself, Mig and Bobby had already reach the town of Pai when Pak Yunus called to informed that he had taken a fall. We double back to the accident scene and kicked the bike straight and get it started again. Bobby took over the controls of the FZ1 and rode the bent bike towards Pai.

The town of Pai.

Bobby rode the bent bike all the way to Chiang Mai to get it fixed at Piston Shop.

I’ve known Mr. Nat the owner of Piston Shop from 2008 and unfortunately we had to wait a couple of days for the bike to be fixed because of the Christmas holidays.

My 2008 ride sticker was still there on top of our recently placed 2011 Ride Adventure sticker. Piston Shop Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai night Market


While waiting for the bike to get fixed we stayed 2 nights in Chiang Mai and ran into some of my buddies who rode up from KL. They were on their way to explore the North West area of Nan.


Interesting handicraft display


I spent some time roaming around Chiang Mai old city - around the Taphae Gates.


Visited the famous Riders Corner where Adventure Riders from all over the world stop over when passing this region.


Our team with Phil owner of Riders Corner

We met quite a few of world adventure riders that evening from Singapore, France, England, Russia, Spain and Switzerland. The food at Rider’s Corner were superb where I had the best Fish & Chips ever.


This is indeed a very romantic city

With a free day in our hands we headed up to Doi Sutep, a large temple complex situated up a hill over-looking Chiang Mai city. Jac had joined us the day before and completed the journey back with Mig.








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