Border Runs

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Border Runs

Just some of my ‘smaller’ rides to the Borders.

My humble beginnings…

Circa 2003. One of my first long distance ride to the border - Betong.

I haven’t been far on my sportsbike. All the while I’ve been riding the Awana-Bukit Tinggi mountain circuit and Sepang trackdays. Note that I’m not properly attired for touring, I had my HD windbreaker on and it disintegrate while speeding, I had to hold it together with duct tape! I had jeans and Timberland hiking boots which is not bike-touring specific gear.

With me are some of my early Betong sifus – Lobai, Din Laju, Ibrisham aka Sham Cycle and Razin. Those guys are Legends!

Posing with my yellow Fast Banana CBR600RR at the lobby of Sweet Home Hotel, Betong before we depart

After ‘painting the town red’ the night before I got a pretty good understanding what a Betong ride is all about. I had Bridgestone 002 race comp tyres on my bike – hardly the suitable choice for long distance ride. My HD windbreaker was shredded to pieces by wind-blast from all that sustained fast riding. After this ride I kind of gave up on short circuit blast. This was a new exciting world for me!

Betong is located at the boundary to Malaysia. To the north is Than To, to the east Chanae, Narathiwat . To the south is the Malaysian state of Perak. We enter through Pengkalan Hulu – the last border town on the Malaysian side.

me, Ayip and Azhari at the Gerik Petronas Station on The 'long way' home. Tired but happy -That's what we all feel after a hectic weekend in Betong...

Those days the Gerik-Kuala Kangsar Highway wasn’t complete yet so we had to use the kampong road of Lenggong-Tasik Raban-Kati. Believe me it was more challenging with loads of tight corners that runs through villages.

Green Buffalo visits Chicken Town

Bring forward to 2008. With a bit more experience I was able to go to Betong on my own…

Maam wanted to know 'what's all the fuzz' about Betong that friends raved about, so I bring her along for the ride

Heading to Piyamit Tunnel

My Green Buffalo aka the ZRX1200R in Betong

Great view of the valley below where the Friendship Village - 'Kampung Perdamaian Sukhirin' is

This time I got to explore a bit more of Betong apart from the usual entertainment spots. I visited the Piyamit Tunnel, It is situated at Ban Piyamit 1, Tambol Tanohmaeroh, Amphoe Betong, 6 kms. from the hot spring and surrounding.

The Hot Springs is in Jaroh Patai village, Tanoh Maeroh town. 4 kms. from Betong district.

The Tunnel o Lurve'

2009. We rode to Betong...again

For convenience we stayed at the Sweet Home Hotel in Betong. It’s near to all the restaurants and entertainments joints. All within walking distance.

The most famous landmark in Betong. The 2m tall chicken in Chicken Town aka Greenview.

Yes, we visited Chicken Town again. L-R Azizi, Myself, Alex Veronac and Anthony Shafiq

Me and Alex at the Betong Imigration post

Alex didn’t have his passport stamped at the Thai border thinking that it was the same procedure as in Europe. He stood on his foot pegs, waved his hands and rode through with a smile.

Me and Alex at he Toll Plaza of Kuala Kangsar KL bound after a roller-coaster weekend in Betong

After sampling the delights of Betong, Alex made frequent return trips to Betong over the years…

My other random border runs…

Me and my buddies at the Samila Beach in Songkhla

My Aprilia Strada 650 in front of the Garden Home Hotel in Hatyai

Road side repairs at Pattalung

Ku A’s broken exhaust bracket was fixed by tying together scrap wires we picked up by the road-side. This happened at the pineapple stalls along the road from Hatyai-Pattalung. each time I passed-by this road I remember this moment because it was my first long distance ride in Thailand. KL-Koh Samui – the beginning of my overland ride experience!

At the Hatyai Municiple ground - Hatyai Bike Week

Hatyai Bike Week

Dannok, Sadao District, just after clearing the immigration and customs

1st Sadao Bike Week


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